Pop Goes the Old People - Double Dream Hands

Posted by agettlin on Jan. 25, 2011

Double Dream Hands fever is spreading! (At least in our twisted but always fun world.) Not much modern day music can get old people up and dancing, especially considering most arent exactly fans of Lady Gaga and the like, but when it comes to the very cheesy catchy song and vid, Double Dream Hands, these grannies cant help but bust a move! Liked this video? RATE & SUBSCRIBE! *Awesome Sites* http-//teen.com http-//gURL.com http-//alloy.com *Be Our Friend!* http-//twitter.com/teen http-//facebook.com/teen.com http-//twitter.com/gURLdotcom http-//facebook.com/gurl.com http-//twitter.com/alloydotcom http-//facebook.com/alloy

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