Police Misconduct Part V

These videos tell the story of the LAPD “Rampart Scandal” which should be seen as a cautionary tale about the police. It was difficult to acquire these videos since they aren’t available and a university professor happened to have them as part of his research. I believe the lessons about dealing with the police are the following – feel free to add a few in the comments section: 1. Police will lie in court rooms and in fact it has been dubbed by Harvard Law’s Alan Dershowitz “testilying” since it has become so pervasive. In these videos, Rafael Perez is described by prosecutors as “the best witness I(a prosecutor) ever had; he was an awesome witness.” 2. Police officers are just other witnesses in trials and shouldn’t be treated as voices of authority or truth just because they are police officers. 3. Police will act as their own “gang” to defend one another and make compromises of integrity for the team. Sometimes it is outright lying other times it is silence. The “code of silence” is in effect in pol