Police Arrest Dorm Students at SFSU May 16, 2013

Posted by mynewvideo-504 on May. 17, 2013

May 16th, 2013 - *VOLUME WARNING. San Francisco State police arrested five people Thursday night after a group of trespassers entered a residence hall and resisted police efforts to remove them. SFSU police spokeswoman Ellen Griffin said one university police officer was taken to a hospital, but she did not know how he was injured or his condition. The building, Mary Ward Hall, was evacuated when its fire alarm was activated. After police secured the building, residents with proper identification were allowed to enter. The police beat and arrested 5 visitors in the dorms, sent the entire police force to beat them in the ribs with tazors when they resisted and 3 cops tackle choke a 90 pound girl to the ground. They were targeted for being labelled as occupiers. Also this girl filming is very annoying hes cooperating guys stop guy runs away from the police.

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