Pokemon Advance Generation for Sega pico (Part 5)

Posted by KiddoCabbusses on Sep. 14, 2012

EDITING THIS MESSAGE IN, IN CAPS LOCK, BECAUSE PEOPLE DONT SEEM TO LISTEN- I DO NOT HAVE A ROM OF THIS GAME. THIS IS RECORDED OFF THE ACTUAL GAME CONSOLE. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME FOR A ROM AS I CANT SUPPLY ONE FOR YOU. IF YOU WANT ME TO GIVE A ROM SO BADLY, SUPPLY ME A SEGA PICO STORYBOOK CARTRIDGE ROM DUMPER. Last portion, folks. In the ending cutscene, Team Rocket gets zapped. This wouldve yawned me to death, except the cutscene is oddly similar to Sega CD games like Lunar and Popful Mail. A portion I cut from this was when I found the drawing pad - quite frankly, after 5 games in a row having these, I get tired of it! However, making a wish to Jirachi is a nice spin on how to apply that... and I didnt know what the other thing was.

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