Pokemon Advance Generation for Sega Pico (Part 3)

Posted by KiddoCabbusses on Sep. 14, 2012

EDITING THIS MESSAGE IN, IN CAPS LOCK, BECAUSE PEOPLE DONT SEEM TO LISTEN- I DO NOT HAVE A ROM OF THIS GAME. THIS IS RECORDED OFF THE ACTUAL GAME CONSOLE. PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME FOR A ROM AS I CANT SUPPLY ONE FOR YOU. IF YOU WANT ME TO GIVE A ROM SO BADLY, SUPPLY ME A SEGA PICO STORYBOOK CARTRIDGE ROM DUMPER. Ive been cutting footage quite a bit from here on out to shorten it, yet... I still couldnt remove the parts where I mock the games hilariously-loose restrictions on how I can write my kanas. Theyre just too funny! If anyones ready to ask - Yes, real hardware. Recorded to DVD and then edited down for Youtube format. Yes, the Storywares my own. Yes, I paid way too much for it. Shippings a bitch.

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