Points2Shop Generator V1.0 *NEW WORKING October 5, 2011!*

Posted by cyleking123 on Nov. 08, 2011

Alright guys, cyle is back with another freebie video. Ive finally (after 5 months of hard work) made a generator that works 100%, and is ready for you guys to try out! Im really excited about this one, because you can choose merits, cash, or points! However, you can only choose up to $500.00 in cash. The steps are below, but if you have any further questions just pm me. Step1- Download the generator here- http-//www.megaupload.com/?d=A1MPP4CD (dont worry, virus free) Step2- Sign-up with the Hacked Link button. If it doesnt load just sign-up here- http://www.points2shop.com/?ref=cyleking2756547 It may take a few minutes to load up. Step3- Choose however many points, merits, or cash you want. You can only choose up to $500.00 at a time. $500 = 500000 points.

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