Posted by ryanholmestv on Jul. 19, 2011

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true story. i now patiently wait my turn on the jungle gym . THANKS HOLMIES! YOUR SUPPORT AND THUMBS REALLY HELPS! CLICK TO TWEET http-// CAN YOU DIGG IT CHECK ME OUT HERE - WEBSITE http-// MAIN CHANNEL http-// VLOG CHANNEL http-// NEW CHANNEL http-// BOBS CHANNEL http-// BE A HOLMIE - GOOGLE+ http-// FACEBOOK http-// FACEBOOK APP http-// TWITTER http-// DAILYBOOTH http-// CALL ME (401) 757-0890 DEMAND ME IN YOUR CITY - http-// MERCH - BANDS - COMING SOON! SHIRTS IN THE US http-// SHIRTS IN THE UK http-// DISTRICTLINES http-//

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