Pistachio & the Magic Cat of Istanbul

Posted by alkeme on Nov. 25, 2010

This is a story of Pinocchios cousin Pistachio and his quest for an encounter with a magic cat who will make his dreams come true. It is shot entirely in Istanbul and Bitez, Turkey and stars a feisty little marionette along with the personable citizens of the ancient City and its multitude of street felines. Algis, a veteran of the visual arts with a long history of photographic exhibitions in some of the best international venues (O.K.Harris in New York; Piramal Gallery in Mumbai, India), years as a photo-journalist (NOW in Toronto; The Gazette in Montreal), and several prize-winning short and feature lengths films (Mimetoliths; Master Class with Walter Lassally; Shapeshifter) variously shown in film festivals, television and the Web, brings years of experience, a finely tuned eye, and a child-like wonder to this new project. Charming Walter Lassally Oscar winning Cinematographer for Zorba the Greek.

Categories Animals

Tags animation, death, cats, language, walking, danger, entertainment, searching, dreams, grandfather, pinocchio, grandmother, fairies, feelings, dreaming, humanitarian, wishing, rebirth, advise, seer, stand up comedy, fairy tale, puzzels, athletes foot, string puppet

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