Piranha Pond - Koi Frenzy iPhone Application

Posted by ethervision on Nov. 06, 2009

Now you can have hungry Piranha in your pocket wherever you go. The pond is peaceful, the piranhas are NOT.TO FEED: SHAKE DEVICE TO FEED YOUR PIRANHA DELICIOUS KOI.The koi fish food are decorated in three vibrant colors: blue and white; orange and white and black and yellow. The piranha find them all equally delicious.3D VIEW: ROTATE DEVICE TO LANDSCAPE FOR UNDERWATER 3-D VIEW.Hold phone in portrait mode for overhead 2D view of the action.RIPPLING WATER: DRAG YOUR FINGER ACROSS THE WATER TO MAKE RIPPLES. HOLD YOUR FINGER IN ONE PLACE TOO LONG AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS.Drag the Lily Pads around the pond with your finger to move them.Piranha certainly like to eat slow swimming koi fish but what else would they benefit from eating? Squid? Vulture? An old tire? Wed love to hear your feedback on how to better nourish the fish.

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