Pierced man hangs from hot air balloon

Posted by Blueblazeful2 on Jun. 14, 2011

In body modification circles, a suspension is the practice of hanging from hooks pierced through the body. Zane Whitmore, 34, of Seattle, took suspension to, er, new heights when he hung from his skin below a hot air balloon that lifted him more than 10,000 feet into the air. The suspension was for a feature-length documentary called Feet Off The Ground currently in production by Precarious Egg. From KATU- (Whitmore) was pierced four times across his shoulder blades and the balloon was released over Californias Long Valley Caldera. The flight, which was on Saturday, lasted about 75 minutes. I felt like I was flying, Whitmore said in the press release. It was amazing to have a perspective on a landscape that no one has had before. As I drifted down low I was struck by the movement I saw on the ground, by how much life exists in the desert. It was actually a very peaceful experience.

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