Posted by PetitionCrist on Aug. 22, 2008

We need help getting this video & petition initiative going viral... Floridians and Americans from all over are looking to Florida Governor Charlie Crist to demonstrate true leadership in the face of Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio's "One Man Open Borders" agenda... The Nation waits, as the Governor is now called upon to call a Special Session of the Legislature to address the numerous anti-illegal immigration bills that were "squashed" by Marco Rubio before the recent session even began...trouble is, he allowed hundreds of citizen activists to spend tens of thousands of dollars in personal funds making numerous trips to Tallahassee to get his support as he misled them to believe that the bills would be addressed... If Charlie Crist believes he's fit and qualified to be Vice President, he'd better focus on getting his house in order...76% of his citizens want it & America wants it too!

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