Perfect Bathroom Trip SONG

Posted by rhettandlink on Feb. 04, 2010

MP3, LYRICS, CREDITS, & LINKS:-----------------Get this song on our 27-song CD (with poster): on iTunes: on Amazon:, shot, edited, and guested by Julian Smith: Guest: iJustine written and produced by: Rhett&Link-----------------LYRICS:we live in a world full of dirty thingsdirty doorknobs and atm machinesdirty cook sneezing on my chicken wingsso much dirty disease; we can’t keep our hands cleanpublic restrooms are a main concernwhere the walls are painted with strangers’ urineif they scribble on the wall of a bathroom stalldo you honestly think that they wash their hands after touchin’ their---all I’m makin is a simple suggestionto have an exit plan next time you enter a restroomI’m not concerned with your particular reasonbe it O.C.D. or just the upcoming cold and flu season (listen here)Do your ... Distribu

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