Pepsi Vs. Coke

Posted by TimmiVision on Nov. 05, 2010

The title is kinda self explanatory, but if youre still not quite sure what its about maybe this brief description will help you; its Pepsi vs. Coke. Still unsure? Then just watch the blasted video!!! And enjoy! Remember to thumbs up this video if you liked it! And Subscribe if you want to be kept up to date on our future videos! Plus we just really like the support! Facebook page - http-// Directed-Tim Henschel Created-Tim Henschel & Jordan Brown Camera-Tim Henschel Editing-Tim Henschel Cast; Pepsi Guy-Jordan Brown Coke Guy-Stephen Lawrence Music; Clint Mansell-Lux Aeterna

Categories Pop Culture

Tags ad, commercial, vs, pepsi, coke, soda, coca, cola, sketch, handlebar, moustache, timmivision

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