Penn & Teller- Bullshit ! War on Drugs 4 of 4

Posted by Drugschannel on Jan. 23, 2010

AWESOME documentary about marijuana, society, war on drugs, and all the bullshit flying in the air between them. Welcome to the 21st century, where INFORMATION BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE and should be avaiable for free. A well informed society doesn't have a price. I mean, that's how someone who calls himself a journalist should think anyway. Relax, I assure you, if your work is good (and this is More..some excellent work), you will have no problem making your precious money. Plus, how exactly is this hurting your bussiness anyway? Am I selling this and taking money away from you or something? Was this SOLD in any fashion whatsoever in the fist place? If anything, this is good advertising for your show, so stop being fucking crybabies about it, or else I'LL have to charge YOU for the advertising

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