Pen Camera Pen DVR Spy Pen Camera DVR 640x480 USB Pen Spy Camcor 1. It is the first pen DVR with the function of recording video in the world. This is a real professional DVR pen for the professional investigators or law enforcement agencies.2.We have improved the design of this kind of video pen so that Its nib is more tenuous and its weight is slighter. Besides this, not just kinescope video.3.Super sensitive microphone can record the voice in a range of 15 square meters.This video pen has high quality video and audio with real time date and time stamping for the evidence in the court. 4.The video pen with delicate outline, fluent writing function, changeable pen filling is super vivid, long time used.5.We keep price of this pen DVR unbelievably cheap Specifications: Real-time date and time stamping4GB built-in memoryVideo: 300K pixels, AVI formatBuilt-in microphoneNormal size pen with handwriting functionBuilt-in lithium battery can record