Posted by heehtog on Feb. 08, 2012

LINKS!!! Facebook- http-//facebook.com/sidneyraz Twitter- http-//twitter.com/sidneyraz In this video I teach you what a tree hugger is. A person that loves trees. Mostly hippies do this but I just like trees. Nature is so nice to us, most of the time, so why not show Mother nature some love. Hydration=Happiness! How did yo like the new camera? Music by Kevin Macleod Song- Bliptraon Songs used with the creative commons license. Songs courtesy of Incompetec.com how to be a tree hugger pugs sidneyraz shit hipsters say dancing turkey ellens dance dare andy samberg pranks times square crab jellyfish VCU richmond va trees puppies pee water hydration equals happiness monroe park nature love hugging rhodes hall brant hall johnson hall hibbs hall college girls cult

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