PC - Panelle & Crocche (pilot episode)

Posted by blogsicilia on Feb. 02, 2010

This is the pilot episode of a brand new Sicilian web sitcom entitled PC - Panelle & Crocche, directed by Davide Vallone, created by Fabiana DUrso and produced by the Sicilian network BlogSicilia together with Serverstudio. You can watch the episode zero and the next ones on http://www.blogsicilia.it and http://www.livesicilia.it from February 2010. You can also visit the related website at: http://www.panellecrocche.it(Subtitles by Giorgia Cavera)

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Tags fiction, comic, italy, entertainment, sitcom, humour, server, smiles, sicily, blogsicilia, serverstudio, websitcom

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