Patriot News Hour Dec 30, 2009 pt4 - Terrorism, Inflation,

Posted by megaminisites on Jan. 01, 2010

http://SilverBullionWealth.comDecember 30, 2009Mak Call in for other hosts discussing terrorism, constitutional rights, inflation, ecomomic collapse, dollar devaluationListen live: - 10am MST Show time for live broadcast also,Gold Silver Trading , Ben Bernanke, Wall Stree,t Dollar, Euro, Ron Paul , HR 1207, End The Fed, Alex Jones , , Barack H. Obama, Max Keiser, Marc Faber, Peter schiff, Bob Chapman, Lyndon LaRoucheThe Patriot Radio News Hour is broadcast live out of Johnstown, CO, from KHNC radio 1360 AM radio and simultaneously broadcast via KXXT radio, 1010AM radio, out of Phoenix, AZ.

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