PARTY LIKE ITS 1929 -parody of Princes 1999 by Loose Bruce

Posted by LooseBruce on Oct. 16, 2008

"PARTY LIKE IT'S 1929" by "Loose Bruce" Kerr is a parody of Prince's "1999," about the country's current fiscal crisis. While Prince's 1982 original spoke of the end of days way off in the future (in 1999), Bruce's parody speaks of the end of days happening...RIGHT NOW! At least it seems like it, with Republicans calling for government takeovers of private banks. Who'd have predicted that would ever happen. Marx, anyone? Feels See & download the HIGH RES. version of this video (STEREO sound too) at: "Loose Bruce" Kerr is an irregular feature on the Dr. Demento and Jim Bohannon syndicated national radio shows. Bruce has opened for "Weird Al" Yankovic. Kerr performs & records his videos and audio tracks in his garage, singing and playing the instruments one at a time. Bruce took 20 years off from his legal career to write and perform music as "Loose Bruce" Kerr. After resuming his career in law, Kerr is currently Assistant General Counsel of Sun Microsyst

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