Part 1-Short comings of Microsoft Project Server

Posted by msprojectviewer on Oct. 08, 2010

Hi and welcome to the ValleySpeak Project Server. If you are a Project Manager, then you would like to use the Microsoft Project. Yes, very true, but Microsoft Project do have some issues like- no group collaboration features, sharing of project files is very expensive, also there is no real time sync-up between the Project Manager and the team Members. There is no Risk Management, Time-Sheet Management. It is totally disconnection. How do we solve this issue, its easy, we need to use a browser based Management Server, which would be an extension of the Microsoft Project and also allowing the implementation of EPM using Microsoft Project processes without giving up the use of Microsoft Project.For this it must be 100% compatible with Microsoft Outlook, that supports the complete spectrum of collaboration application. ValleySpeak Project Server, a complete EPM software that is built around the Microsoft Project, forms the central location for the teams to collaborate with the Projects that can be accessed

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