Parkour Chase Tag

Posted by JWatsonTV on Apr. 26, 2012

Parkour Chase Tag. The best game of tag ever. Parkour and Free Running at UCF (University of Central Florida) http-// http-// http-// Ill be going to Tempest FreeRunning Academy over the summer. Tempest FreeRunning Academy is Californias first and only training facilty dedicated solely to parkour and freerunning. Tempest FreeRunning Academy- http-// http-// Check out the Tempest FreeRunning Academy Gym Video http-// Upcoming Videos- Spartan Race Miami 2012 Gorilla Gauntlet Games Check out some of my other videos Warrior Dash 2012 Florida- http-// Dune Buggies http-// Parkour, Free Running, and Capoeira with Team Zoic http-//

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