Parkour and Freerunning Stunts - RIDING WITH A GHOST by Sub Over

Posted by whipstone on Jan. 18, 2013

3 Amazing Athletes Do Parkour and freerunning stunts With A Moving Car...But Whos Driving?!?! A Ghost! Directed by William Spencer If you like 3Run, Sebastien Foucan, Urban Free Flow, Urban Move, AmericanParkour, Tempest Freerunning, Ryan Doyle, Chase Armitage, David Belle and The Tribe, you will love this video! Facebook - http-// Twitter - https-// @SubOverHype on Instagram MUSIC - http-// Starring Daniel Ilabaca, William Spencer, Tim Livewire Shieff. Concept by Tim & William. Music Queens & Kings by MALAKAIĀ® & FINGAZZ. Check out Part 2 (the real life ending) as well! Subscribe for more videos! http-//

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Tags ghost, stunts, skit, freerunning, parkour, spooky, keaton, funnyweird, william spencer, daniel ilabaca

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