Parenteen Book

Posted by UKPublisher1 on Oct. 14, 2009

This is a teen parenting and relationship guide by the ultimate authorities in psychology. Christine Evans is a columnist, TV and radio agony aunt, and a qualified psychotherapist, specializing in parenting ,anxiety disorders, and family concerns, known for her sound advice. Dr. David Usher is an MD, family planning specialist and clinical sexologists. He is the author of numerous books and a regular guest on both TV and radio. Enjoy them now, theyll soon be teenagers! Warnings like this from friends and relatives, together with media images of adolescents as irresponsible, rebellious troublemakers, can lead parents to expect trouble as their children enter puberty. It is a rare parent who does not approach a childs adolescence without some misgivings. But family life does not have to be a battleground during the teenage years. If your child constantly misbehave and ignore or refuse your requests for proper behavior? If your relationship with your child based on conflict instead of mutual respect and coop

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