Pantonic Steel Orchestra 2009 Launch

Posted by WhenSteelTalks on Aug. 11, 2009

The House of Champions- CASYM, Sonatas, Despers USA, Pantonic New York, USA - The New York middle leg or ‘day two’ of the “great weekend of pan” was matched, held and sustained at the Pantonic launch. Ironically or coincidentally, while it was not originally planned that way - this launch could easily have been named the “launch of champions.” All four of this event’s participants are past New York panorama champions. Moreover, among active bands, these distinguished steelband music franchises cover every single panorama win to date except one....In spite of the late start, steelpan fans were treated to a classic show. Anytime you bring the likes of CASYM, Sonatas, Despers USA and Pantonic together, one is in for a memorable musical experience. These four organizations represent the big guns of North American for more videos

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