Pam: Girl on the Loose SNEAK PEEK!

A Hollywood icon and international megastar, Pamela Anderson is one of the most recognizable women in the world. In this series Pam lets cameras into her private world for the first time and gives audiences a glimpse of her life as a model, actress and ultimate Malibu mom. Partially shot in 16mm film, the show has the style and intimacy of feature documentary and audiences will truly be surprised to see the many dimensions of Pam. During the series, viewers will get to know the real woman behind the famous breasts and follow Pam as she tries to reclaim love, career and peace of mind. Her love of the arts will be a central theme in the show, as she often unwittingly acts as a muse for her famous artist friends. Ultimately it is a journey in which Pam attempts to find balance between being a world-famous sex icon and an everyday soccer mom.