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Posted by Jason-Lu-113 on Feb. 14, 2012

http-// PaiYouJi Capsule [Main raw material] evil power of,low gather the sugar, malt, chitin, the meal fiber, apple withdraws the thing, living the plain C, vitamin E, vitamin B2 [Rules Space] 400mg×30 capsules [Care the function] weight reduction, hairdressing [Fit crowd] the simplicity fat , puberty obese and postnatal periods obese. Suit to be so called the water pail waist specially, will the obese of the soldier belly, the elephant leg..etc. [Edible method] every day once, every time 1 capusule,take it before or after breakfast. [Store method] place in the cool and dry place to keep This article is to choose to use the evil power of, low gather the suger, malt, the chitin, meal fiber ,apple withdraws the thing , the vitamin C, vitamin E, the vitamin B2 is a raw material. Was have by the American gene biomedical science technique research center the professor of lasts many year clinic researches, making use of the modern crest the sharp livi

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