Paisley Park

I would like to introduce you to Paisley Park and no this has anything to do with the Prince song of the same title. To explain this, let me take you back... Back in my early high school years (we are talking 1988-89 for this subject) a local park not too far from here where I sit now, was a hangout spot for us teenagers. It was a small basic park in my hometown neighborhood of Chicago—Beverly Hills (yes, it is named that)—and for the longest time the park sign was missing so no one knew what to call it. In 88-89 we dubbed it Paisley Park (well, I didnt—some senior way ahead of me did—but thats what it was called by us). In this video, there is a collection of parks to be honest (and if you have read my stories and soon to be books) you will know something seems to happen in a park at one point or another, and in my mind I always combined of Paisley and Ridge Park (actual name to the latter); Paisley for the simplicity and Ridge for all the shit that has ever gone down there (as well as Ridge park is b