UNMATCHED Trim & Molding Work

Posted by jeffoverspraytech on Oct. 04, 2010

Paint Overspray Removal of Texas is in the business of overspray removal of all types. We have never turned down a job or a single vehicle because we were unable to repair a vehicles paint or textured molding pieces. Those are not just words this video and others like it on my Break Media Site are here to prove that statement. There are no videos on the internet like this one from another overspray company or detail shop. The reason for that is, I invented this process on how to remove epoxy paint overspray and totally restore the pieces to better than new in the process. The next time your at the shopping mall just take a look at the trim and molding pieces on new vehicles. I can polish these pieces to a mirror finish. Check my videos on Break and judge for yourself. contact us toll free 877-715-5663 or website : Americans still do bad ass work

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