Paint Overspray Removal : how to buff out tree scratches

Posted by jeffoverspraytech on Oct. 09, 2010

Paint Overspray Removal of Texas a division of Overspray USA of Texas is the only company that is capable repairing this kind of overspray damage. If this were not true you would see videos like this one from other overspray companies. You will never see any videos like this one from another overspray company or detail shop on the internet. The reason for that is their claim to fame is that all work is done by hand. This sounds good in theory but it only means that you are going to get the bear minimum of work done to your vehicle. They use a clay bar to remove the overspray, which is great I love using the clay bar if it works. When the clay bar cannot remove the overspray they are stuck in the mud and are unable to repair the vehicle. This is when I come in to the picture, and repair the vehicle. I use a single edged carbon tipped razor blade to remove any type of overspray known to man. Long before the clay bar was invented, this was my chosen method to remove overspray, and still is as you see in

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