Paint Overspray Removal : how to buff out scratches

Paint Overspray Removal of Texas is the only company that is capable of this kind of work. We really care about how every vehicle looks when we have removed the overspray from it. This video and others like it more than prove that statement. All of the major overspray companies claim to fame is that all work is done by hand. This sounds good in theory but it only means that you are going to get the bear minimum on the work done to your vehicle. Check out how we go that extra mile to restore this old trucks paint finish. No other overspray company would even think about doing this much work to repair a single vehicle from overspray damage. This videos and others like it demonstrate how we do business for insurance companies and contractors. In closing we are very proud of the work we do and hope that this video demonstrates this to anyone who may have an overspray problem. contact us toll free- 877-715-5663 or websites oversprayu