Paint Overspray Removal : how to buff out deep scratches

Posted by jeffoverspraytech on Oct. 09, 2010

Paint Overspray Removal of Texas a division of Mobile Overspray Removal is the only company that is able to repair this kind of damage. You will never see any videos like this one from another overspray company. The reason for that is their claim to fame is that all work is done by hand. This sounds great but it only means that you are going to get the bear minimum on the repairs done to your vehicle. They can never restore paint finish by simply using a Auto magic clay bar. All of the major overspray companies hire people to do the work for them, that means they have no control of the job. Iam on every job to make sure the vehicles are more than just cleaned from overspray. Our mobile grew can be on the job within 48 hours anywhere in the United States. We can easy repair 10 vehicles day like you see in this video 100% ! That means all paint glass, trim, and molding pieces are repaired from overspray damage. contact us toll free 877-715-5663 or Website - paintover

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