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Posted by TheYoungTurks on Apr. 16, 2009

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Top chef is over so who will supply Padma Lakshmi hot videos? The internet, that’s who. The Indian beauty is seen in her natural habitat. Naked, bathed in light, and scented with far-away spices. Don’t ask how I know what she smells like. It’s hard to believe that she is the host of a critically acclaimed cooking show. Padma has curves on top of curves, hiding other curves. All of this without mentioning her face. If Helen of Troy had a face that launched a thousand ships, Lakshmi has a face that would launch a million. She’s so incredibly hot that we should reshape Mt. Rushmore. Replacing those old white men with this Indian beauty’s entire form. I hear no opposition. Until then we will entertain ourselves with more Padma Lakshmi hot videos.Padma Lakshmi makes hot videos just by existing. even if this sexy Indian beauty was not famous she would still instantly make hot videos just by appearing in the background of home movies. People would look over their trip to Fort Lauderdale and be shock at their surprise boners brought on by Padma's appearance. Luckily sexy Lakshmi has chosen to use her powers for good and not evil.

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