Overweight Employees Pay More for Health Insurance

Posted by getthedaily on Aug. 27, 2008

Check out www.vlaze.com/getthedaily for more videos! The source of a deadly food contamination has been identified, according to Canadian health food officials. A recent listeriosis outbreak that has been linked to 4-deaths, 21-confirmed cases and possibly 30-more cases is linked back to Maple Leaf Foods plant in Toronto. The Canadian company expanded the recall of its meat products over the weekend, and the Public Health Agency expects the number of reported cases to continue increasing because symptoms of listeriosis can remain dormant for up to 70-days after bacterial infection. The rare foodborne illness is most dangerous to the elderly, pregnant women and people with compromised immune systems. Regular treatment of the disease is a dose of antibiotics. Health officials in Canada and the United States are in talks of creating legal standards for written food allergy warnings. Currently, these label cautions are voluntary and officials say they are popping up on previously quote-unquote safe, ...

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