Over-Drake (PARODY) by me and my brother!

Posted by justinsvideos101 on Dec. 12, 2010

LYRICS!!!!-- Alright lets go! Yeah ya boys on, I told ya we back. Yall niggas shouldve never, Left hanging like that. We killed our last rap, But this one more sicka. We coming out like guns, Dont make us pull the trigga. Yeah we did our homework, I guess we stay in school. You niggas are retared, Dont make us act a fool. This beat sounds clean, Tell me You'll admit it. We'll give ya'll niggas a try, Tell me if you hit it. We ain't talking about girls, We know yall thought we was. We talking about targets, Lets see what the nigga does. We get in niggas faces, Yeah, we like bump. And no we ain't raicest, Were not no Humpty Dump. Justins up next, Were hopeing he'll sing, But if ya boy doesnt Ya'll know he'll bring the sting. Yeah we know that hurts, Were on our last verse! The song is over, Get it, Over! (1;32) (2;00)Ight, Back up on the scene ,And no im not a killa. Im the freshest on the scene ,And swgger from my deala. Yeah, im too raw, You niggas cant touch me .You niggas are flaw, And got you leaving i

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