Outstanding Customer Service Tips by Aspire - Safeway Shines

http://www.AspireMarketing.com - Customer service - customer retention is the single most important strategy to drive your business and secure your market share. So how do you get customer retention...be nice to your customers. We call this customer service! Customer service is about anticipating what a customer needs and wants and connecting with your customers. The other day Renie was in Safway and along the way she is asked if she needs help and the Safeway employee points out things she may also need along the way...helping her spend her money. The result, Renie felt connected and she wanted to help him out. Energy + connection = customer retention! Safeway has a customer for life now. Renies customer service tip, Start thinking different and make customer service the main thing. http://www.SalesLeadershipTips.com Distributed by Tubemogul.