Our Stanley Cup

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Jan. 30, 2010

15 years ago, as kids, we started a small town road hockey league. Roughly 60 of us in total... we had teams with schedules, general managers, play money, free agency and contracts... the league had it's own economy. We kept track of stats, made hockey cards and newsletters. Even made our own Stanley Cup, parts paid for with our allowance money. We assembled a tin can, pie-plate, cookie tins, tupperware, pellet container, mixing bowl, and painted it... and every season, battled our way to the finals to win this ultimate prize. Completely kid-organized and self-governed... it was all about hockey, and all about the Stanley Cup. The champions names went on the cup; paper stickers on dull grey paint. When we found out about Build Stanley, we knew we had to share our Stanley Cup with the rest of the hockey world. We tore it apart, stripped the paint, cleaned off the rust, particle blasted, primed, base-coated, chrome-coated, sanded, then top-coated everything, and painstakingly airbrushed the names back onto the

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