Organic Yacon Syrup

Posted by KristinRupert on Nov. 23, 2013

More Info -- http-// Yacon is a vegetable that is indigenous to the Andes mountains in South America and tastes a lot like a mild version of an apple which is why it's also known as Peru's apple of the Earth. It falls in the the tuber category, and looks like a potato (see image above). The syrup itself comes from the root of the Yacon plant and refined much like the syrup we're familiar with. Ancient Incas used it for its nutritional properties being high in fiber which was very filling. It is low in calories and has a super low Glycemic index rating so the lower the Glycemic index rating the longer the food takes to break down in to sugar (glucose) and the spike in blood sugar are what cause spikes in insulin and fat gain.

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