Oprahs Big Ass

Posted by BitchSlapped on Jan. 02, 2009

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Beep Beep Beep listen for Oprah’s inflated ego, and behind, in this big ass video. This vicious brunette shows her jealousy of Oprah’s gigantic hiney as well as her monumental wealth. With her recent weight gain she may be overweight but all this video vixen cares about is the waist size of her wallet. Who knew the worlds richest woman was hiding a badonkadonk all along? Check it out for yourself in this big ass video.Open up a big ass video all about Oprah. The talk show queen has ruled far to long on her well padded throne. Finally someone has decided to take pot shots at her large caboose. Her fat behind will never be the same after the verbal spanking it receives from this disgruntled fan. Harpo studios will be left in ruins after this epic beat down. Oprah's big ass will never be the same.

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