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Sometime it is so easy and interesting to solve problems related to Physics from the beginning of your academics session. But it totally depend on the fact that how much time you are giving to the topic and how much interested you are regarding the topic. The simplest way to learn Physics is that always try to implement the problems in real life problems and visualize how you will reach up to the solution. Here is an example of Physics homework Help problem- What is the work done by the force defined by F = 2x + 6 acts on particle due to displacement of the particle from x =0 m to x = 4m. Solution- Work done due to force applied is defined as W = ?F(x).dx Thus W = ?F(x)dx (Cos 0o) = ?F(x)dx = ?(2x + 6)dx = 2x2/2 + 6x | = x2 + 6x = 42 + 6*4 = 40 J For more help in Physics problems http-//www.assignmentwork.com/Physics.php www.assignmentwork.com provide the best assignment help , homework help, online tutoring , project help in all subjects. Basic subjects in which we deal with special re

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