Online Self Defense Training 005 - The Gas Station...Really

Posted by selfdefense123 on Dec. 02, 2012 It is extremely common for folks to take self-defense classes at some stage in their lives, but in many cases what is going to be useful in an actual fight might not be what you were taught. You could have been told this old saying in the past, A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Within the realm of self defense instruction, no matter if people learn a martial art, or possibly in a newer self defense program, theres a whole world of difference between thinking you could defend your self, and really having the abilities needed to get through a real world attack. People who are a policeman, security guard, or one of the many other professions that have a greater chance of dealing with violence, are well advised to get some self defense training. Most likely you arent a policeman or guard, nevertheless knowing how to handle your self in the event of a violent attack will help anyone. In order to take care of yourself theres no need to be worried about getting huge like

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