ONE ECig - Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Posted by mackfive74232 on Jun. 07, 2012

Anyone who is looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes will be pleased to know that ONE ecig disposables (700 puffs and it lasts a long time) were created to assist smokers quit, cut back or simply smoke anywhere. These electronic cigarettes offer the same taste of a traditional cigarette and can satisfy even the most ardent smoker. ONE ecig (disposable electronic cigarettes) do not contain the tobacco found in a regular cigarettes causing health problems and all the other physical signs associated with smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. There is never any odor or bad breath. ONE ecig disposables both look and feel like a normal cigarette, you can smoke safely and it becomes cheaper than regular tobacco cigarettes. The ONE ecig disposable electronic cigarette allows you to smoke anywhere since you are not omitting the dangerous toxins found in tobacco cigarettes. You can smoke in your office, in your car, at the grocery store, virtually anywhere you see a No Smoking sign

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