One Against Many- fight scene

Posted by ToonsTake2 on Sep. 08, 2012

This is a short animation about a guy who struggles to regain his memory. He fears the thought that he may have done something bad due to the relentless pursuit of a gang. Who is he? Why are they after him? In this clip he finds himself at the edge of town where he is forced to confront the gang. It took a while but I had fun making this, hope you enjoy it. As many takes as it take, ToonsTake2 is here to entertain. We animate life! There are a lot more entertaining animations in the pipeline so stay tuned. Check these links out below to stay up to date with the How, When, Where and Why on any ToonsTake2 productions. Tumblr- http-// Twitter- http-// Facebook- http-//

Categories Pop Culture

Tags animation super fight cartoon beastmode

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