On foot: Walking on the whip and tests to gather

On foot: Walking on the whip and tests to gather Dime, strong mare on the shoulders, 17 in 2008 "The rider takes in each hand rein net near the jaw and raise the possible head and neck ... Once we got the light, let the horse free. Both reins near the jaws taken in the left hand if it is left side of the horse in the opposite right side. Touch the chest through the center of the whip in small repeated blows to one second intervals (the horse has time to reflect after each touching). Simply not get a straight, the neck support. Decompose (stop, relax, find the light so the balance), straighten the shoulders if the horse is then asked traverse.On two steps, then three, etc.. ... Continue until, at the approach of the single whip the horse is doing frankly forward. This walk on the whip is very significant, and if you get the head light with very high (the horse left free, as much as possible left to itself), it will be ready to give later, the brilliant that includes a whole. "http://www.equi-le