Omer Pasha-Double Album Release!

Posted by TheCurseFrenchEd on Apr. 01, 2009

Omer Pasha-Double Album Release:Omer Pasha! Now on iTunes, Rhapsody,Amazon, Shock Hound, Amie Street, Emusic, Lala and Napster. Two album: Who Are You and The Curse (Revised Edition) DOWNLOAD TODAY!!Who Are You1.The Curse2.Who Are You3.The Ontario Haunting4.Who Are You (Blue Bottles)5.Come To Me (Karbala Edit)The Curse (Revised Edition)1.The Curse2.Who Are You3.The Ontario Haunting (remix)4.Come To Me5.French Curses6.Egyptian Curses7.Happy Times8.The Curse (German Edit)Store Outlets:1.iTunes Stores2.Rhapsody3.Amazon4.Shockhound5.Amie Street6.Emusic7.Lala8.NapsterDownload Today!All tracks mentioned above have music videos under the film compilation of “Come To Me.”All music videos have been the Official Selections of The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. All music videos have had theatrical premieres in New York City and Hollywood. All music videos have had Nightclub Premieres at the opening night gala parties of The New York Internat...

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