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Posted by omejo on Jun. 20, 2009

Description:Here is a hi-tech gadget that appears it could have come from Qs laboratory. Who would believe that this Zippo-style case does not contain a lighter, but instead actually contains a digital camera capable of holding video recording? This lighter camera uses brand new technology to capture highly-detailed videos with incredibly clear video compress file sizes. After all, it wouldnt be terribly stealthy stopping in the middle of a mission to insert another memory card, would it? of course not.because its built in 4GB menmory .so no need to insert another memory card.Sneaking a video indoors is also inconspicuous thanks to omejo technology that allows you to take clear videos in day light without using a flash. Of course, you can also capture video clips with sound, so you can record that elusive piece of evidence wherever you may find it. This little gadget can also come in handy when you need to take a quick mental note, thanks to its voice recording function. This tiny little gem wi

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