Olympic Reggae Hymn

Posted by olympicsong on Jul. 29, 2009

Olympic Reggae HymnThis is ……………..THE OLYMPIC REGGAE HYMNCelebrate Humanity ! Version OneAs part of ………………..THE OLYMPIC MUSIC MARATHONThe Music Maratone stops in Jamaica 4 a while 2 Pick up The Reggae Vibrations and passthem on 2 The World !This is a Home-Made Demo Version, done solely 4 the purpose of demonstrating the song / version.LYRICS :Verse 1Would U take care of this world, When I’m gone for a whileWouldd you tend to all da things, So dear to my heartLike da sun and da moon, And da stars in the skyWouldde shine on my way, When I return to this placeAnd O’ yes this’s da place where it all beganAnd O’ yes this’s da place where the fire was litAnd da flame that’s been carried all alongWhat a diff’rence this has made, Across the universeYes, this is more than just a gameMore than just fortune and fameMore than just Gold, Silva and BronzeThis is about the

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