Olympic Hymn Instrumental - Version-One for Guitars Celebrate Hu

Posted by olympicsong on Aug. 23, 2009

Olympic Hymn Instrumental - Version-One for Guitars Celebrate Humanity ! Hi Folks ! Welcome 2 THE OLYMPIC MUSIC MARATHON ! This is the Instrumental Version One ( for Guitars ) of THE OLYMPIC HYMN Celebrate Humanity ! As part of THE OLYMPIC MUSIC MARATHON. This time, The Olympic Music Marathon stops at the Guitar-Scene. There are 3 Guitars on this Version -. Two Chords-Lead Guitars ( Acoustic Guitars ) One Lead Guitar ( Acoustic ) which is played around the main Theme. The first couple of minutes are the Intro-Part.. We also have an Electric-Bass track which has not been used in this version. This is a Home-Made Demo Version, done solely for the purpose of demonstrating the Instrumental-Version of THE OLYMPIC SONG Celebrate Humanity !. Music created & performed by Lucius for OlympicSong. Copyright All Rights Reserved. www.olympic-song.com Enjoy the music ! Thank U 4 taking your time 2 listen 2 this version.. Cheers ! From Lucius, The Olympic Music Messengers & The Olympic SkyJays

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