Olbermann: If You Question Ifill, You're a Racist

Tonight I happened to be flipping through channels when I stopped at MS-NBC's Olberdouche Countdown and I heard the words "Gwen Ifill" and "racist." So I stopped, rewound, and yep! There it was. So, I took one for the team tonight, pausing long enough (testing my gag reflex) to grab this video. At the beginning, he's quoting or talking about something NRO's Rich Lowry allegedly said about PBS Host Gwen Ifill's upcoming book, "Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama." A lot of us think it's wrong for Gwen Ifill to continue on as the VP Debate host; especially since she reportedly says she has not yet written the chapter on Obama. So I'd say she's definitely got a "dog in this hunt." Wouldn't you?