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Posted by AlmostClever on Apr. 03, 2011

My tribute to the warlock... Click Show More for words/lyrics Why wont the Red Sea part? Moses inquired of Charlie Sheen Well its filled with Tigerblood, you see. Thats the difference between you and me. You herd jews while I bang porn stars for free. And thats not the hateful sentiment of a non-sentient anti-Semite, No, Chuck Lorries the jerk for putting allen and the fat kid out of work though I guess that is what happens when you snort enough coke to kill two and a half men The media world swings from his balls He only grows taller the more he falls Do the people who put him down realize that hes a vatican assassin getting massive ass and and a grand wizard warlock for magic spell castin No escaping from the truth hes blastin He bangs 7 gram rocks? I bang 7 inch cocks Wait, forget that last bit Or dont, I think you become more famous now when you say weird shit His demeanor? Violent and lovingly mean His interviews? Cant be unsheen if he was mexican hed be charlie bean On my legs hed

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