Odd Girl Out - Episode 1

Posted by MassYoutubeUploader on Feb. 23, 2010

Should I continue it? :/ JENNIFER HERE :D I made this like 10 minutes ago the SECOND I got home. It took me literally like maybe 15 minutes, so yeah I didn't put alot of work into it. ifffff you know me, you'd know I usually dont leave you hanging with something dramatic happening in the end usually, like i don't end it with a cliff on the first episode. I just don't like doing that. so i'm sorry if its a bit boring, but you'll love it. trust me. but first you need to tell me if you even if you like this. i've been SO busy lately. i went to wonderland like 3 times this week lmao this summer honestly fucking rocks :P so yeah i know rachel's been the one posting for a while now but dont worry i'llbe posting too sometimes. xoxxxx ohh ps i LOVE emma watson. did you guys watch the new harry potter? im watching it on sunday- CANT WWAAIIITTT!! and dont you love what rachel's done with my channel? lol it looks so much better then how i used to do it :P

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